Korres Beauty Haul

Back in October, I ordered two Korres products from Hautelook for super cheap. If you aren’t familiar with Hautelook, it is a sample site that sells all different types of fashion and lifestyle brands everyday at a major, MAJOR discount. Hautelook is a Nordstrom company, so you can expect great quality. I’ve ordered way too many things from Hautelook, but to think of how much money I’ve saved in the long run, I can’t complain.


I have been wanting to try more Korres products, but I didn’t know what I wanted to try. Since Hautelook had this on sale, I couldn’t resist. I decided to get the Zea Mays Blush and the Mango Butter Lipstick.


The Zea Mays Blush retails for $24, but I got it for $8. The Mango Butter lipstick regularly costs $18, but I got it for $7. I got the Zea Mays blush in Peach and the Mango Butter lipstick in Cinnamon.

IMG_1377The blush is nice and velvety, but it is VERY, VERY sheer on me. I like that it looks really natural, so I can’t complain. The mango butter lipstick is velvety and is pigmented as a swatch, but it is sheer on my lips. These two products would be good for an everyday natural look.

IMG_1380I definitely want to try another Zea Mays blush in a darker shade and more mango butter lipsticks.

Overall, I am satisfied with my Korres products and I’ll definitely be checking out Hautelook to see when they will be featured again. Til next time! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


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