Cyber Monday Chronicles: LORAC for SALE on Hautelook!

Hey beauty loves!

Happy December! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! (for those who celebrate it). Now that Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday has arrived and in full swing. So many crazy deals that you can purchase without the crowds. Win win situation.

One deal that I could not pass up were LORAC eyeshadows that are currently on sale on HAUTELOOK!!!!! They have a few palettes, foundations, lip glosses and more. $19 eyeshadow marked down to $3!! Can’t beat that! I snatched up a couple. I don’t own any LORAC single shadows, so I’m definitely down to try. I do have a LORAC little lace palette that is currently on sale, but I haven’t gotten the chance to try it out yet.


Also, there is FREE shipping today on Hautelook, that I have NEVER seen until today. Take advantage!! Some items are already on hold or sold out so hurry! LORAC will be on sale until Thursday 8 am Pacific/11 am Eastern time.

Have a great Cyber Monday!


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