Dollar Store Beauty Find!

Drugstores and department stores are typical places to find all different kinds of cosmetics, but some may not know that the dollar store is a hidden gem. Since the dollar store carries so many different products, it’s not surprising that they sell cosmetics. However, I did not know they sold Rimmel.


I’ve never seen Rimmel cosmetics at the dollar store, so when I saw this, I figured that they are trying to upgrade and step up their game. I have seen Milani and some other brands, but not this one. When I found the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD eyeshadow quad, I picked one up because it was only a dollar, and what do I really have to lose? After skimming over the colors, I decided to buy 004 Green Park.


Personally, I am a neutral eyeshadow kind of girl, but I do like to add green to my eyeshadow looks for a little pop of color. Green Park consists of a pretty soft green and it is definitely buildable. The texture feels very soft and buttery. It swatches pretty light, but once you apply and build it up to your preference, it’s good quality. There are 3 other eyeshadow colors in the quad: gold with shimmer, taupe and olive. On the back, there is a reference that you can use if you want to know where to apply the eyeshadows. My favorite thing about the quad is that it looks like the British flag.


I found this at Dollar Tree and they had other colors, but I could see myself getting the most use out of this particular quad. It’s cute and compact and you could toss it in your purse for quick touchups.

Have you tried any Rimmel Glam’Eyes HD eyeshadow quads? Any thoughts?

Stay tuned to see what other little gems I’ve found for a dollar!


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